• Hello, If I log into my account, with my club, my nickname, I come across with the same pseudo on another championship, as a beginner, while my real club plays further without I can get in touch with, I only lost 4 games, I just lost the first place, and at the end of the season I am moderator of this champion, I want to extend, I do what as I do not know to return to my club, could you help me please.

  • English Moderator

    Hi, welcome.
    On your slot 1 you play in the Belgian league with Sporting Charleroi and the moderator of the league is OSM.
    So what problem do you have exactly?
    And please next time use normal text for your posts.

  • My pseudo for this championship, I have 4.
    And for Belgium, I play for the Standard de Liège, and for Germany Bayern Munchen then I have two other countries whose name I no longer know, I won a lot of cup and for now I am first in Germany in the COCA COLA MEISTER LIGA where I play
    When I'm on my facebook page, and I want to play I click and I fall on the 1louislerouche1 account and there I have right to play for belgium, and it's not my account.

    Louis Le Rouche is the account of my facebook account,

  • My name: Louis Le Rouche
    Championship: Germany: FC BAYERN MUNCHEN
    : Algeria: Al-MASRY
    Coach since the 9/1/2016
    Crew: LES ROUCHES >>> I am the moderator
    Country: Belgium

    Here's my data: I'd like to recover, and be able to return when I connect to OSM, and not have the nickname 1LouisLeRouche1 or I have that choice of a Belgian team Charleroi, or I do not want to be coach.
    Could you do the necessary so that all falls as before please
    I am waiting for your news, I thank you.

  • @1LouisLeRouche1 Hello my friend . :slight_smile:
    You'll be hearing from us alright , don't you worry about a thing.

    @King_Jamiu_10 My dear Jam thank you for trying to help this manager , but I'll take it from here . :thumbsup_tone2: