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    I just (re)started to play this game and had a question about the trainings vs a match.

    Ok, I know you can't select a player in your team if he's in training but what with this situation?

    Match day = 1
    Match starts at 20:00 and player1 is in my selection (in 11 selection, not on bench)
    I login at 20:15 and I see match in play.
    I start a training at 20:20 and want to train player1.
    The match "ended" at 21:30 and I'm in match day 2.

    Will player1 have played the game or do I start the game with 10 players because player1 is on training?

    I hope my question is clear enough? And that I don't "double post" this question.

  • @nicocos_NL Hello mate and welcome back to the OSM adventures . 🙂

    Yes your post and question was clear enough and you made no double post either . Good job ! :thumbsup_tone1: But we have more than one subject to clear out here.

    First of all about the new Training system : Each manager is able to place 4 of his players on a training session but can do that 3 times per each round ! So my question : Why should I ever put a player of mine for training so close to the simulation time , especially if I needed him for my first 11 line up for that match and round ?

    Yes my friend you'll be left with 10 players if you have set your 11 line up and remove before the sim(ulation)'s kick off one of your players to have their training .

    Another scenario: If you had never set up your 11 line up for your upcoming match then this would become the job of your Assistant Manager ( aka CPU management ) , which as you must know is not the ideal one for this job. Cpu then chooses for you the line up randomly , from your available players ( who are not in training or injured or suspended ) and uses your left formation or tactics from your last settings.

    Now about your timer concerning your match : This screen shot is taken from my account >>
    alt text

    As you can see , my match timer tells me that my match is In Play right now. I see that message from 22.00 my time. But I do not expect to be completed before my midnight. Because the timer simply indicates the kick off of our Server . But the thing is that your server has more than one league to simulate , like thousands of them. Therefore , some leagues get completed earlier than others . Some matches get finished sooner than others .

    Have your questions been answered mate ?