I dont have medic and lawyer and I can have only 1 team

  • hello, anyone knows why i dont have a medic and a lawyer?
    my friend have but I dont.
    Also I can only have 1 team, why this happen?
    best regards

  • Spanish Moderator

    @Simaos22 When a player puts ill or he gets a red card, there will be the medic or the lawler. You can see them into the personal people

  • @Simaos22 Your doctor and lawyer will appear at the moment you need them. So when your player gets injured, the doctor will show up. You will also unlock your second team after some days. It should show you on the teamslot how many days are left for it to unlock.

  • English Moderator

    So everything is going as it should be for our friend Silmaos . Great news!

    Silmaos welcome to the OSM , enjoy your gaming time and our new forums . :relaxed:

    Álvaro thank you for trying to help a fellow manager. Very kind of you mate. :handshake_tone1:

    Galip special thanks goes to you for posting the final detailed answer for our mate Silmaos.

    I believe we can close this topic now. :wink:

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