How to delete someone out of your league ?

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    Please help he is very annoying in chat and he have 3 accounts

  • @RUNEGLADINES_NL Hello mate 🙂 Welcome to the World forum .

    What exactly is troubling you ? Please try to explain in more detailed way .
    Are you new around here buddy ? I hope you are not talking about cheating ...

    Informations you might need :

    1. Potential cheating is not allowed to be discussed on a public forum .

    2. No manager is able to delete or kick out another manager from a league ...Unless, there is one exception:
      If a manager creates a whole new league and becomes the Moderator , only then he or she has the tools to remove a manager , but again only due to inactivity . Meaning if another manager of that league has not logged in for more than 3 days.

    3. If you believe there is a manager possibly cheating on your league , then you must file a Cheat Report .
      To do that you must : Visit the game profile page of that manager >> then click on the Cheater Report as shown here >> >> type a good explanation of the case and provide some evidents, if possible for you. And last but not least, when you'll get an email from OSM you must activate your cheat report by clicking on the link that is sent to you ( if the link is not high-lighted , just copy and paste it in a new web page and it will work ! 😉

    The rest leave it for the Staff Support. Each Cheat report takes at least 72 hours before it is handled.
    So please be patient with such matters.

    Thank you in advance and good luck with your leagues mate. :v_tone2:

  • @RUNEGLADINES_NL ⚠ Please mate, next time do not post about the exact same subject in both forums ! Show some trust to our fellow Dutch Mods & Staff that are there to help you all ! :thumbsup_tone2: