Promo Code

  • How can i get the promo coDe to win the coins

  • English Moderator

    @courbis-2015 Hello mate. :)
    The last promo code that was send to all managers with a pop up message was: SORRY2017
    If you haven't used it yet you could try it by visiting your Business Club and type it on the Promo Code button.

    • Remember to click the Claim button too to earn your bonus boss coins.
  • English Moderator

    @courbis-2015 Hello again mate. :)
    I wanted to inform you and apologise to you or anybody else that might have read my previous post because that last special promo code coming from Gamebasics is no longer valid.
    I am sorry if for some reason you missed the pop up message that was send to all OSM managers few days ago. :disappointed:

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