Players Refill on Transferlist

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    From what does the quality of the transfer market players depend on? And how can we bring their quality up by selling our players?
    ( I tried buying the top ones on the market, but sometimes a worse player comes on it after that )

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 Hi mate. 🙂
    I suppose you are not the only human manager on the league that you are talking about.
    Are you?

  • No, there are plenty more, but my team has a lower goal than theirs..

  • @stupidpro Exactly my friend. Therefore the game engine must take in mind the needs of each club/team and not just yours. You may buy the top-rated players , you may be the No1 squad in values, but I suppose at the same time other managers still buy and sell players of lower ratings. That means that you will indeed see a variety of players being added on your league's TL but if the majority of the teams needs more of lower rated players compared to yours to get a chance and upgrade their squads too then that's what you'll get to see added on the refresh of the TL. More low rated players and a few high rated for strong builders like you or a couple more on your league.

  • Okay, but now i can't reach the quality of the players of the top valued team, because there aren't any players on the market with similar stats to his
    ... And I was with the worst team of all 😄

  • @stupidpro Hmm, I see. Ok Ivan, first I wanna congratulate you for your so far OSM career .Yes I did visit your game profile and since I could see that you are a well experienced manager I must say I am kinda surprised to read such a question from you. Building up a squad in the right way is not an easy job mate and it requires a certain plan and strategy. It was ofc very smart of you to pick a low goal club to manage , if you trust your building and tactical skills cause if you'll move up to the League Standings with a low G team you'll earn way more manager points.
    But I suppose you do not expect your players's ratings to change over a night. Right? We cannot expect to get all our 60+ players or 70+ players moved up to 80+ and 90+ too fast. It takes time and patience and in the meantime try to keep a balance in your squad. If you have poor valued players due to your low goal team and you insist on buing the most expensive players off the TL, meaning for every 2 sold players of yours you buy only 1 new high rated. Or something like that. Am I right? But if you continue on this style you are in danger of ending up with very few players in number and maybe not have enough of them to rotate during your matches.
    What do you say about it Ivan ? Maybe I'm mistaken. After all you have your squad in front of you. 😉

    P.S. Allow me to also ask you ; Are you able to use your Scout too for emergency transfers?

  • Yes, but I don't usually use the Scout, because I spend too much Boss Coins on Training Camps and for buying players on the TM

    I'm trying to build my team without it

  • @stupidpro I see. Well Ivan each manager has his/her own gaming style obviously. Personally I prefer to invest more coins on a strong squad building with a combo of the TL (aka TransferList) or TM ( I guess you mean TransferMarket ) as you wrote and my Scout , rather than camp many of my opponents.

    I'm wishing you best of luck & even more success. :v_tone2: