• I have a team valued 900mil and for the whole season i had only 1L and 35W, 5 points ahead of the second team... and than i made a draw against Burnley, from then i have 4 draws and only 2 wins with the same tactic i had before... I'm having so much f.... injuries and red cards that it's getting on my nerves!

  • take courage my friend, someone put a spell on you (just kidding)
    More or less my teams go from good to whorst this era for some reason I just can't explain 😞
    Let's celebrate 👅

  • Bro thats from 100 to 0 real quick.. Today I was winning like 2:0 in the first half, then a player got injured - 2:2

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    ..so you are blaming the game for your loses ? having a good team doesn't give you the title....you have to earn it...and that means to have good tactics and win other teams...this can happen to anyone....