• Spanish Users

    Before the moderator comes and tells me the "Cheating will never be discussed in public .." phrase; this is not a topic about cheating. This is a topic about whoever checks or is supposed to check the cheating reports not doing anything at all.
    I've reported one player in my league twice for managing multiple accounts, gave the necessary proofs in my explanation, and waited the 72 hours you ask us to wait; and I had no answer, nor anything was done. Also, this isn't the first time this happens to me.
    So my question is: Does it has any sense to report a cheater? Do you actually do something? Or may as well all of us just do all the cheats we can think of, and it will be just fine for you?
    I really like this game, I want to keep it that way.

  • English Moderator

    If you reported a manager that you thought that was cheating and he/she found guilty, then for sure this manager get's punished. But not all the managers are cheaters because we think so. And every case, get's under detailed investigation.