• it's stressful with this surprises, when you dominate your opponent and you don't win or you loose..too many things like that in a season or in just few matches..i loose some titles
    because of this, you exaggerate with this.

  • It's harder to get the right result than the surprise..

  • I feel you, bro!
    Recently, after the SORRY2017 promotion code I've been having bullshit results over and over!

  • How are the games determined?

    I played vs Liverpool with a rather poor team but all their guys underwhelmed so I won

    what determines how the opposition players play.
    r.e a 5/10 game or a 9/10?

  • English Moderator

    What you all say, is that you don't need a good team or you don't need good tactics only, in case to win a game or a title....isn't that great ? you have to ╬┐vercome your self, over and over again...if you want to be a good manager....:wink:

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