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    Hi reader,

    When I created my OSM account, I decided to put language on English, despite me being Dutch, just because I prefer English over Dutch in games. However, I can only log in on and not on (which is the dutch website) additionally, I cannot befriend my Dutch friends. When trying to do so, it tells me the username is not in use, whilst I definitely know that they do exist. Can you maybe tell me if I can do something to resolve this issue?

    Can't wait for you to answer!



  • @Erikct98 Hi, welcome.

    At the moment that you've set the language to English you created an account on world/international version of the game.
    You have to look at it as two seperate versions, that's the reason why it's allowed to have one Dutch account and also an account on world/international.
    So the only thing you can do is create a Dutch account too 😉

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    Weren't you allowed to have two or more accounts? (Or is that something of the past now?)

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    You are not allowed to have more than one account on a single version, but since OSM NL and OSM World are two seperate versions of OSM you are allowed to have one account on OSM NL and one account on OSM World 😉

  • Thanks eddie, this is cristal clear now 😉
    Time to put a lock on it ☺