Black day for Portugal

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    After listening to our tv news just a while ago I needed to share a word within our community my mates.
    It's a very sad day for our friends in Portugal today. So many people lost their lives tragically and many families are lost in deep grief.
    My sincere condolences to our beloved Portuguese fellow managers. I'm so sorry guys for what happened to your country. :cry:
    I'm sending you all a message of love and support. May God give you strength and courage at such hard times. :black_heart: :flag_black:

    estamos todos com você .. meaning: we are all with you.


    On behalf of the OSM portuguese managers, thank you very much for your beautiful words, my friend Sofie :heart_exclamation: <3

    What is happening in Portugal is terrible, but I'm sure that "we stand strong together!"as always !!! :muscle: :flag_pt:

    Loved your post, thank you for having your heart with us, Sofie !!!

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    Terrible fires! Polish community support Portugal people :flag_pt: :flag_pl:.
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  • It is the deadliest fire ever in Portugal and one of the biggest of the recent history of the country.
    Thank you guys for all support.
    The portuguese people is very strong and we will overcome this.

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    Terrible this news from Spain also send our condolences and support and we send all the possible force to overcome it

  • Very sad news, my condolences to Portuguese people.

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    @nando34 I read that about Spain sending help to Portugal and it felt so nice and I was so proud of your country too Nando. To lose your life in a fire is a horrible way to leave this world and forces of nature are usually unbeatable. But during to such ugly life tragedies is when we get to see beautiful people supporting and helping each other... brings out our humanity once again.
    Just like described on this story by Gareth... brought tears to my eyes.
    Portuguese are strong emotional people and you will all overcome this awful drama while being united. :thumbsup_tone2:

  • My deepest sympathies to our Portuguese friends..
    May God bless you all...

  • Very sad news... :(
    Before 3 years we had big floods here on Balkan and I know very good how it's when you fight against the nature...The water stopped only about 100-200m before my home...I was lucky...
    Condolences and support from Serbia... :flag_rs: :handshake: :flag_pt:

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    I have never seen anything like this in Portugal.

    One question: In your countries, the media also report like this? Disgusting

    alt text

  • Força Portugal!, estamos com vocês.

  • A tragedy ... very sad news ... 😓 Condolences and support from Romania !

  • Very sad news from Portugal. I'm sending love for our friends and my thoughts are with the people of Portugal. Condolences and support from Slovenia. 0_1497867621767_21776a11-b6eb-4f19-b45c-ea41b5c1dc46-image.png

  • What tragedy! My condolences to Portuguese people.

  • Condolences guys !
    I visited Portugal and particularly Lisbon last year... Portogueses are very good and nice and Portugal is also batiful !
    I'm very sad :(

  • It is truly regrettable that such events take place and a number of the dead go. I extend my condolences to the Portuguese people.

    from egypt

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    This tragedy reminds me of the fires we had here in Greece a few years best wishes to Portuguese people, for quick recovery from such tragedy...

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