7 injuries in 5 games - 7 lesionados em 5 jogos

  • Portuguese Users

    What the hell have you done to the match engine that in the last 5 games, I have had 7 players injured? The last 3 games, I have had 2 players injured in the same game twice and I'm not even playing with Arsenal 😛

    Que raio é que fizeram ao moto de jogo que nos ultimos 5 jogos, tive 7 jogadores lesionados? Nos ultimos 3 jogos, tive 2 jogadores lesionados no mesmo jogo por 2 vezes e eu nem sequer estou a jogar com o Arnsela 😛

  • English Moderator

    Maybe you need to change your managing and take a look at the referees , before you set up your tactics.... if you play too aggressive, you have to wait more injuries...and maybe if the other manager plays too aggressive, he injure your players too...