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    HI Players,

    I like to ask couple of question.

    I am in a league now, and I have a cheaters in the league , I will resign from my club and will open another league or join another league in same slot.
    Will I loose boss coin,training facility upgrade?
    also what will i loose and what will stay with me?

    Thanks for advice.

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    If you resign from your team, all the things you done with that team will be lost....such as transfers, stadium upgrade..etc...you are not losing any boss coins, except the ones you already used playing the game...every time you choose a team, you start all over again with that team...
    There is no need to resign...you can report any manager you think is a cheater, by going to his/her profile and use the "Report cheater" option... http://prntscr.com/fx7l50