Donate through phone payment

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    It is not working, I have tried to donate for a few coins, but it says the transaction is unsuccessful.

  • Romanian Users

    Now it just freezes.

  • @florinpavel Hello Florin and welcome to the English forums. ☺

    Now what is your problem and how may I help you?
    What was all this about donation via your phone Florin? As far as I know, the only thing that a OSM manager should do via his mobile phone's payment is to try and purchase ( buy ) a small amount of new Boss Coins.

    Could you please be more specific on this one mate?

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    @SUPERNOVA-8 Yeah, my bad I meant I wanted to buy some Boss Coins using my phone as payment, but it is not working. When I insert my phone number, it says transaction unsuccessful and doesn't let me go on with the transaction.

  • @florinpavel Hello again Florin. ☺

    I think the problem is that you were using the web version of OSM to buy your new Boss Coins via the phone payment. When I tried it on my browser I got this message:

    I use the phone payment all the time for months now but I do this via my Android's OSM Application.
    So please I want you to follow these steps:

    1. Make sure you have downloaded on your mobile phone the latest version of the OSM App.
    2. Go inside the app and click on the Boss coins icon ( the little diamond ) and you will see in front of you the offers of packages. Then go to the right end of these offers to find the "Pay by phone" offer.
    3. Click on it and you will be automatically directed to a new window and from there you can choose between two different amounts of Boss coins. Choose what you want and confirm it. You will never need to type down your phone number this way. They don't ask of it. And when you are done with your purchase they send you a sms on your phone informing you that you have been charged with a certain amount of money for your Boss coins. It's fast and easy. 😉