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  • HI guys, in my League Yesterday night my Middlesbrough have played vs Liverpool.. it's ended 1-1, tell the game but if I watch the match report i've win.. there are been 3 goals: Henderson and for me negredo and barragan.. Help and scusme if my english isn't perfect because im italian

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    @Vilsaiker Hello mate and welcome to the new forums. :relaxed:

    Don't worry about your english we'll figure it out. First of all , do you know how to join your own Italian forum?
    Cause I can see that your profile doesn't mention you as an Italian user .

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 i've search but i haven't found an italian forum...

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    @Vilsaiker Ok buddy . Give me a few minutes please. I'll be right back.

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    There are two ways to get access to your native language forums:

    Easiest one is by accessing OSM from your native language also, you'll be automatically added to the correct group of forum users
    Just click on groups , select your language group and then join that goup

    But also keep in mind this:

    There's a bug on the forum software side (not on our hands to fix it), where users are not added to their language group or Crew forum group on first login.

    The way to fix this is by logging out of forums (it has to be done on forums, not on the game) and log back in.

    On your second log in, all should be fixed :thumbsup:

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