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  • Hi! We have a league (Juniti), this will be the second season but two of my friends (lebbencs ; kovacs s) cannot join to the league. The others could join with no problem. Could you please help us?

  • The main problem is that it shows them that there are no available teams to choose, but there are still 3 avaliable teams. I cant see any requests at the moderator options.

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    @Zakócska Hello mate and welcome to the English forums. ☺

    Two questions : 1. The league that you are talking about, on which one of your Slots is it?
    2. Has any of you managers that have already entered the second league season tried to send an invitation directly to your other 2 friends?

  • Hi @SUPERNOVA-8 !
    It's in the 1st Slot.

    The others cannot invite managers it's says that only the moderator can do it. I invited them. One of them could join but the other one still cannot. It shows him that there aren't any available teams.

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    @Zakócska Hello again! ☺
    I took a look at your profile and this is the status of your Slot 1. As I see it , you ( as the Moderator of your new private league ) have done everything right.
    You are the only one who has the power to invite a friend to join your league or to accept his request to be included with the rest of you.
    I could also see that you have 2 more clubs free and available to be taken from a manager willing to participate.
    Therefore, I'm sorry but I couldn't find any problem coming from your side.😕

    I have messaged you for further discussion.

    I will wait for your feedback or PM before I close this topic. Thank you. 😉

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    I had some further discussion with the manager about his problem and we can now close this topic. :thumbsup_tone1:

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