hello .. I want to know I can how post in newspepar on this game ??

  • hello .. I want to know how I can post in newspepar on this game ??

  • @AhmeedEsam
    Hello to you too my friend ! ☺ And welcome to the English forums . I could see from your profile that you have joined this game only a few days ago. I'm wishing you all the best Ahmeed. :thumbsup_tone1:

    Please accept my apologies for deleting a few posts that were confusing. I had to move your topic to the Support forum because in here is the section where we can answer your every question about: How we play this game .

    Now back to your question : There is not such a feature on the new game version. The managers have nothing to do with the daily league's newspaper. They can simply read the latest news of their league every day and enjoy the fun part of it.

    And something else that will help you very much. You can take a look at the forum Home page > the button that says Groups > click on it and you will see the Categories of the Group Languages.
    You can choose to click on the Group of your own language ( AR ) > push the Join Group button and this way you will get access to both forums: the English one and the Arabic one . 😉