New leagues by OSM

  • I've been trying to get PSG in Ligue 1 but every time it's taken and is on match day 3+ with a bunch of transfers already made, I'm just curious to know if there is at all a set time in which OSM creates a new league that has all available teams and starts in preseason, I don't know how creating a league works, I tried but when I was going to sign the contract I saw that it still had transfers and was in the same matchday as if I was taking over the team in an existing league so I pulled out. So is there a system to leagues being created by OSM? Like a new league will be created when one league reaches X number of managers, or a new league is created every X number of days, or at a specific time. Some explaination would be appreciated so I can finally get the team I want during preseason!

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate, no there isn't any special plan on creating leagues by's just random...and you can always create your own league and take whatever team you want...