Not getting the "interest" part of my income.

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    I've had to take screenshots for the last few days to make sure of this but it's EVERY time I get paid after "watching" the game. The icons come up saying how much I earned via gate receipts, sponsors, interest... and the actual amount I get is always lower. After the first couple of times I noticed the amount I was losing was the amount of interest I was supposed to be getting. It's annoyed me for a few days but tonight I lost more than a million quid so it's definitely time to report it. If anyone wants to see the screenshots, just ask. If someone can tell me what the bug is, if it's acknowledged and when it will be fixed, I'd be very grateful. I'm either going to miss out on a transfer target or be forced to top it up with boss coins so what's my chances of being compensated if that happens? Thanks.

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    The interest is added to your savings account (the piggy bank) and thus it isn't added directly to your clubfunds like your basic income, stadium tickets and sponsors are.

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