HELLO! I Have A Suggestion

  • First : When the fantasy league back ???
    Second : We want to make the substitution because the players play well and Suddenly they get out
    Third : When the pictures of all players are completed ? 😄
    Fourth : Why we could not complete another season with the team or as we wanted and play in champions league I KNOW IT'S HARD but the game will be more interesting
    Fifth : What about to put the position of the player like LWF, CF , RWF , CB , RB , CMF and RMF




  • sorry for my english :angel_tone1:

  • @youssef-yasser1 Hi,
    here is what i know about picture of all players:
    It's hard to add for every players, cuz you need a good profile with him, to change to a small resolution,to clear the background, to adapt for OSM (Web Browser/Facebook/iOS/Android), isn't easy.
    And now, I do not think it's necessary to add now pictures for all players.

  • @GabyAdrian Hi,
    I know it's hard i just kidding and it's a question I only want to know when ?

    THX for your replay

  • English Moderator

    @youssef-yasser1 Well you will not get an awnser about when all pictures are completed.
    Since we can't use the photo's/logos without the portret rights, so you will have to do it with the photo's that are there and see when more photo's are added.


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