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    i have a quesion i play in a competiton and im there in round 5/6.
    i have a very good tactic and always win with it.
    but the problem is the red card. i have now 2 red cards and i play very careful. but then the enemy team play very agresive en i get the red card and my enemy teams not. and this happens 3 times now. i cant ply more carefull. and then i play with a team with plyers with 95+ quality against a team with 60-70 team and he win with 0-3 2-5 because of the red card. like i said my tactic is very good. this is really weird and no logic. the red card steal and ruin the game too much. because in the real world with football a very good team dont lose from a very weak team. mostly a draw. and then i have the red card on my attacker/midfielder and they come with attackers from 60-70 quality to my 4 defenders with 95+ quality. thats a little weird and very impossible. this happens 3 times now. only because the red card and i cant play more carefull.

  • @Tony-VD_NL Hi,
    I'm sure you're wrong. Red cards are sometimes given right. The right ones are not normal to get red cards so often, but this is sometimes the case in real life, and this game is trying to simulate this. I'm sure it will drop from the red card receipt rate in the next update , if it is proposed.
    You can try to propose to make a lower drop rate for red cards.

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    I have the same problem. Of course it is possible to get red cards, but when your opponent plays harder than you with a much weaker team, it is weird that you get the red card indeed. Also, a red card mostly means a lost match.

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