Starting league on 3th accounth without wanting too...

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    I went on my 2nd account and my "assistant" said I received some offer from clubs, I go on those offers and I accept a deal with a club, on my 2nd account! And now I have that club on my 3rd account... Without wanting to have three clubs.. and I don't want to manage it but I also don't want to resign on my account, so what do I do now....?

  • @0000008_NL Hi,
    I think you just violated/broken the terms imposed by OSM. You can have only 1 account, no more.

    1. You may not create and/or manage more than one account at OSM. This includes accounts in different leagues.

    You can read the terms right here.

    P.S.: I think you have to delete the extra accounts, cuz:

    If one of these rules are broken (or bent), drastic measures may be taken by the administrator to correct your wrongdoings. This may include the deletion of your account.

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    Your league on your slot 2 hasn't been resestted yet. This always happens 24 hours after the last match has played. It will be resetted after the upcoming simulation in a few hours.

    For some reason you already get the message to look for a new club after the last match has played. Because your slot 2 was still occupied, you got that club on the next free slot, which is slot 3. That's why you now have 3 clubs. After upcoming simulation, your slot 2 will be free again, as that league is then resetted. You will be playing with 2 clubs again.

    If you do not want to resign with the club on slot 3, then just finish that league. After that one is completed you can choose a new club on your slot 2 again.

    PS: We are referring to clubslots and not accounts 😉

  • Thanks again Eddie, this topic can be closed 😉