• Hi there
    I created a league and i want to get my field, capacity and training at 100%, i got a lot of boss coin's and want to know how much i need to spend to it.
    Thank you 🙂

  • @Primaj Ola my friend and welcome to the OSM forums. ☺

    Congratulations for your new Portugal league and best of success to you. As for your question , I must inform you that you can upgrade your own Stadium at the top Level 3 without using a single Boss Coin. The only thing you will need is to spend a few of your Club funds for each round , so look at the screen shot please: http://prnt.sc/d94b60
    Now if you want to skip the timers every time for each and every feature of your Stadium by using Boss Coins then I cannot tell you the exact amount of such a cost. You must understand that you are not able to jump from Level 0 to Level 3 in just one round , with or without the expense of your Boss Coins.

    Good luck my friend ! :v_tone1: