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    Hello, I have a little problem...I was online and i checked the time i has 3 hours left to the next game...i started lol mach and 10 minute and i got the finalscore... wtf?....I want to change my tactic in the last 30minute but the mach it was earlya minim 2 hours....and I played without tactic and I lost a very importand mach for 3-0....wtf?...

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    no answer?
    3 more players can write in here if u want... because this situation is true...

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    The time is approximate/very close, to the time the games will be played. But when many league finish the same time or many leagues start on the same time, on the same server and also many managers join these leagues on the same time, then some times the time is expected to change a little bit...

    PS : try not to use "bad" language on the forums.

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