• good evening. I looked for players with the scout and got 90+ and only received below 90

  • @Joao-Dias91 Hello mate and welcome to the English forums. ☺

    Let me guess... These results of your scout occured in a big league of yours? Have you passed half the season of your league already? Cause if you have joined a popular league with lots of Clubs and human managers then after some point ,usually after the first half of the season is played, the amount of scouted players is so large that your scout is bound to return with whatever he'll find best and closer to your initial request. Most of the times the players that expire first are the youngest ones and usually the powerful defenders that have attacking style too.
    So you have to change the age group that you ask for while setting your scout or choose from the young ones but with lower power. Your choice mate. 😉