• i dont know when you changed from old version to new version with boss coins, i can remember the game from 2010, 2015, 2016 and it was the same basically the same,, but when i oppened it now, design and concept of the game has been completelly changed... I dont know why the small, and unnecessary DESIGN bugs has not been fixed so far

    1. Where is the rest of boss coin?
    1. When team name is large, manager text that leads the team is above the window line, manager picture is not fixed in the center like it is not mentioned for team name to be such big

    2. There is no picture at the main window although manager has it

    3. You can write your date of birth 11. december 324BC

    1. Although you may thought on mobile version is correct, you made mistake cos there is another error, with the team text that is italic, there is one part thats missing from the last character
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    Mate, some of this design errors are already known and will be fixed on the next updates...but if you still wish to report them please fill in a bug report for each one of them....remember, never post many questions/posts on one topic...