• Portuguese Users

    Hello guys,
    Wanted to know if only the points of first slot account counts for the world ranking.


  • @pedromaga Hello to you too Pedro! ☺

    I hope you won't mind getting your answer from a gal and not a guy, haha. 😄


    Only the Manager Points of 1 from your 4 Slots counts for the World ranking, your best one .
    For you mate, the best happens to be your Slot 1. You have 22,257 MPs on your Slot1 as we speak and it is your highest score.
    If you had these points on your Slot 3 for example, then it would be your Slot 3 representing you as an OSM manager on the World ranking.

    Why? Because anything different would be unfair for those managers who do not use all of their 4 Slots. And there are also many that choose to play only with their Slot 1. And that's why for each manager only the highest Slot counts for his World Ranking and never the total amount from all 4 of them.

    Thank you for your post and enjoy your gaming time ! 😉