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  • Hi guys,
    I logged in the game but it throws me out and says "oops, something went wrong" and it appears the "go home page". When I click the same thing happens and the same screen is shown. How can I fix the problem, any idea I'd appreciate.

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    @Cmx-adam Hello mate & welcome to the new forums! :relaxed:
    Could you please take a look at this topic? I believe it can help you. :wink:

    Let us know if your problem exists after a while. Thank you . :handshake_tone2:

  • I could not catch the topic, could you please give me a link?

  • by the way I think my account is not active right now. How can I activate it?

  • I have joined the league Denmark yesterday, but transfer has stopped. How can we solve the problem?
    the picture is as attached.![alt text](0_1480061518865_upload-a4ce876c-c20c-4ef8-9fbd-f215219b73d3 image url)

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    Everything should be fine now!

    If you're still facing any problems, please report it back using the template provided here

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