Re: Can we pls end the last minute Training Camp option?

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    Responding to @King_Jamiu_10 's post in this topic:

    First off: I think that closing the topic without any chance of response is not very classy, it is not showing respect. I expected a bit more from a moderator...

    However, on topic:
    I completely disagree with you on this one.
    I don't think it is about outsmarting, I think it is an unfair move to anyone with a regular working life. In my honest opinion it is a last minute Training Camp is weak move that can only be countered if you see it in time, which in everyday life is hard. I do agree with you regarding formation changes etc, but training camps are something completely different. That's why I opened a topic in the first place.

    Do you really think that OSM matches should interfere and interrupt your daily life? As in keep monitoring untill the game is played, even while the simulation is in progress? E.g. waiting for the game while you have to eat or go somewhere?

    I think that the argument you gave was a fallacious argument, meaning your argument was deceptive by appearing to be better than it really is.

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    Hi again mate,
    If you think that playing training camp at the last minute is weak and unfair then that is your opinion. For me, I think it's a perfect gaming tactics and stricking your opponent a massive blow when he isn't looking and he won't know what hit him.
    About OSM interfering with daily life, remember this is an online game which means the more active you are online the better chance you get at performing better especially in leagues where all teams are managed by humans and are very active. It's not anyone's fault if you don't have enough time to be online.

    Who says you can't set a training camp of your own when you want? When i say it's left to you on how you counter your opponent I mean as a manager you should be able to anticipate what your opponent is going to do/ or how he's going to play against you and put in place counter measures like if you think he's going to camp and and you won't be able to come online at game time then you can set a secret training and camp if necessary and if you don't find it necessary, it's your call to make.

    Even if the camp is disabled one hour before game time it won't change anything since i can as well set my training camp just before the timer gets to 01:00:00hrs and at that moment my opponent won't be able to camp back unless he does same.

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    Thanks for your response and making a discussion possible. Although we’ve got different perspectives about it I unfortunately have to deal with coping OSM and my daily life. Kind regards,

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    @tc-game_nl , Hi mate..

    I can really understand what your concern my friend.. cause sometimes I feel the same as well.. But I have to say, @King_Jamiu_10 is right. It's no different at all no matter how long the timer set before the match. Your opponent still can do it just before the time limit. And you have to keep monitoring until that time, right?

    About weak and unfair, I believe it's about the rules. For me, as long as every managers have the same opportunities, then you can not call it unfair..

    Good luck with your career, mate.. Peace ✌

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    Good point mate...same chances for doesn't matter if you take a tc hours before or just before a game (especially when you can use the secret training option)'s isn't unfair, cause every manager can do the same...and will do it, when the time comes that need desperately a victory...and let's not forget that OSM gives all managers the option to play in a league, WITHOUT TRAINING about that??
    As for OSM interfering to our lives, yes sometimes when i was a new manager and with the old versions of this game, i could stop my day work just to see the results...early in the afternoon...but this again isn't a problem of OSM, is managers problem not to let a game to be such important part of his life.....
    Closing topics: if we leave every topic open, that a manager makes to post his ideas, on how he wants this game or how he would like to change this game, on his beliefs, we would have "million" topics, many of them just for the fun of it.....we try to have and leave open these topics, where we can have some good discussion on issues that would interest the most managers of this game...