• Hi,

    can someone tell me the rating of lloris and his cost and griezzman too

    thank you for your time. :)

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    @hazy-guy Hello mate & welcome to the English forums.:relaxed:

    I am not sure what you are asking of us tbh with you. But if you are asking us to tell you about the power and the prices of two certain players , then again I don't get the purpose of your question my friend.
    The old scouting method by using /searching specific names of players is gone. After the arrival of the latest improved version we now have a new scouting system. You spend a few money from your club funds to send your scout on a mission to find new players for you. You set your own criteria about the players that you need at any time and the scout returns back to you with his goodies. Not just one player but three of them. You can choose to buy them all or pick just one .

    Let me know please if you need something different to find out. :wink:


    So? We scout and have to buy them??
    I only have 13mill.

  • and sorry if you don't understand. I'm from Saudi Arabia.

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    @hazy-guy said in ratings:

    and sorry if you don't understand. I'm from Saudi Arabia.

    First of all, you do not have to apologise for your english Hazim.
    I'm from Greece you know. But I have to practise my english too in here , if I want to talk with managers from all over the world and help them. Yes? :slight_smile:
    We must all be proud for who we are and where we come from. :wink:

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    @hazy-guy said in ratings:


    So? We scout and have to buy them??
    I only have 13mill.

    Now back to your question my friend.

    Whenever you need to buy a new player for your team you have 2 ways to do it.

    1. You can use your league's Transfer List. You will need of course to make sure first that you have enough club funds to buy one .
      Cost of Boss Coins ( BCs) = Only 1.

    2. You can send your Scout to find new players for you.
      To hire him for this job you will need a small amount from your club funds again. Look at my screen shot please: http://prnt.sc/dc26qv

    Now example from my own scout: he returned to me with 3 new awesome players. But I do not have the money to buy all 3 of them of course. So I will have to choose 1 of them for now.
    You can always decide how many to buy according to your available club funds. Look at the screen shot again : http://prnt.sc/dc24xj

    Cost of Boss Coins = 15 BCs for each scouted player.
    If you want to buy 2 players of your scout you will need 30 BCs etc.

    Warning ! : Be sure you have enough money for at least one player before you click to open your scout's results.
    He only waits for you to decide who to buy for 6 hours. :wink:

    I think I have explained it good enough for you Hazim.
    Let me know if you understand everything too. :slight_smile:


    I understand but I need to know the rating of lloris

  • @hazy-guy

    Lloris has 88 Def with a value of 9.58M. You can see what players are rated if u go to Community>League Overview then go to the relevant League and Team the player is on.

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    @Alex-Fry Thank you for your help Alex. :handshake_tone2:

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    Ok Hazim, I believe it's time to close this topic.
    Enjoy your gaming time. :wink:


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