Available team still active in the cup, but actually not.

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    Hello admin,

    In the Dutch OSM I have noticed a certain bug while choosing an available team in a certain competition. I joined a Belgian competition which was already ongoing (I joined it around half way). When I clicked on the team for choosing it, it said that the team that I wanted to choose was still active in the cup of the competition. Though, when I became the manager I found out in the match schedule that my team was already beaten in the first round and not active in the cup anymore. I have noticed this bug before and so I checked the other available teams before choosing my actual team and they were, according to the system, all still active in the cup. I checked it out for you and actually only three of the eight teams that were still in the cup according to the system are still in the cup.
    I don't mind it for this time, but in case you want to join a competition just to try to win the cup it can be annoying. I will also include two screenshots (one before choosing the team and one of the match schedule) to show you what I mean.
    Thank you very much for reading and I hope you can solve this bug.

    Bas_Douma (Dutch OSM)

    0_1515083882282_beker ja bug1.png

    0_1515083896782_beker ja bug2.png

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    The text in the contract saying 'Cup: Yes', just means that there will be cup matches played in the league you are about to join. It's not about your club specifically.

    If you want to play cup matches with the team you want to play, then make sure you join a league that is in pre-season. If you join a league that is already underway for awhile, you risk being already eliminated from the cup.

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    Thanks Eddie 👍