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    So the thing is that I feel like even if I choose a poor team I can improve it really much in such a short time . Im talking about for example buying Ronaldo and Neymar at Swansea in like 15 days which I just did . This is so unrealistic and it ruins all the fun in the game (at least for me) cause its not even hard to do it , you just have to buy players from transfer list and sell them at maximum price and they will be sold even though the price is ridiculous and that kinda makes negotiations with other clubs useless , besides that players grow really fast by training like you can get a noname player by the age of 18 and train him 3 times a day you can easily get him to be better than Ronaldo , Messi or other top players in a pretty short time especially if you upgrade training ground at the stadium . Maybe the game isn`t supposed to be realistic or maybe I don't play the game for long enough to totally understand how it works but my question is : Is there even a chance for the game to change in a more realistic way ?

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    Hello mate,
    i don't exactly understand how this is not realistic....so you can buy a good player, by selling many other players...isn't what it happens in real life too? but how this can help your team exactly ? by having only one good player ? i think not....
    Of course using boss coins you can make some good transfers....but isn't this happening in real life too? when a new owner comes to a team and gives many money for transfers, isn't that the same ?
    Only buying some good player doesn't make you the champion of the league...you have to win many other managers and one or two players won't give your team the championship..you need also good tactics and many other thing to become a champion....good luck...