Crews on Apps - BETA Testing (iOS Only for now)

  • Pretty soon Crews will be available on OSM Apps.

    Do you want to be one of the first managers to try it and help us fix last bugs and even help us make some final adjustements by providing us your feedback on how Crews will be implemented on APPs, then sign up in here: iOS Beta Tester

    NOTE: On APPs we'll be having a Crew battle system. To be able to test Crew battles, would be nice if your crew is able to join beta testing with 5 members, otherwise you won't be able to test them. So, discuss it inside your crew and see if you're able to gather 5 members to test it.
    Of course that you can still join beta testing if you don't manage to find 5 members on your crew. There are other features to test. You can even join the beta testing if you're not in a crew. We also need to test creation of new crews!
    All beta testers will be welcome to post their feedback in here and also make questions for a faster understanding of how things work.

    If you are not a tester please do not start make any questions about it!