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  • Hey football fans, what do you think about the UEFA Champions league, Round of 16 - the first leg results?

    alt text

    I think my predictions from 3 months ago will come true ! ;)

  • @pin-kod These were my predictions ;)

    alt text

  • 0_1519411342284_ucl 2018 round of 16.png

  • These were my predictions ;)

    0_1519411466016_ucl predictions.png

  • I am not a fan of football, but in all sports I always like to support the worst teams because I like to enjoy when the underarted athlete or team makes a suprise. So I would support the worse teams but I need help from @pin.kod to tell me which are the worse ones xD

  • @alexander-6666 I respect any team, but i think that Basel has the worst roaster ;(, and they are gonna finish this year's competition is this phase, obviously, but they should be proud of the results they made in this year UEFA Champions league ! :ghost:


  • PSG will definitely eliminate REAL ;) I also think that the Spurs will stand their ground in the return.

  • @pin-kod I have not watched any games yet, I was busy with my work
    Let's make more predictions

    here are my teams:
    Man City
    Man United
    R Madrid
    Bayern M

    I think.. one of Liverpool/Juve/Real or Barca will won the UCL this year

  • @sirclitjeslikker_nl I definitely think oposit. There is no way PSG can beat Real

  • @sirclitjeslikker_nl In my opinion Real Madrid will go to the next phase because they are regaining good form, and they have players with a lot of champions league experience ! I think that Ramos, Marcelo, Kroos and Ronaldo are key Real Madrid players.

    And about rematch at the white hart line, HM, maybe you are right, but I believe in Juventus strength and in Italian defensive tactics ! Even though Juve must win this game i think they will slow build up game with a lot of counterattacks, and maybe one goal and then defensive tactics will be just what Juventus will try do achieve in this game!

  • @pin-kod I hope :D Do you remember last game PSG - Barca ?

  • @fc10red In my opinion Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester City will win UEFA Champions league this year ;)

    And i agree with 90% of your predictions ;)

  • @manager-pr-9 In my opinion PSG can win 2nd leg, but i believe they can't go to the 1/4 final, Real is to strong and at the moment they are playing really good in Spanish league ! ;)

  • @maloba Yeah, last year duel in the round of 16, wow, amazing two games ! In the first leg, PSG destroys Barca with 4-0, brilliant performance by Di Maria !

    And in the second leg, Barca won 6-1, and go to the next phase! Do you remember the 6th Barca goal scored by Sergi Roberto, wow, that was amazing ! And, I remember some great goal chances by Cavani, but he misses them ! :) ;)


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