Manager Points

  • Game does not show my manager point correctly. I have nearly 60000 points in game but the game just show nearly 7000 points What is the problem ?
    How can we fix it ?

  • Q: How does Manager Rankings work? My manager points are way more than the ones shown there!
    A: Every slot you have has an individual ranking. If you play on all 4 slots, you'll have 4 positions on ranking. The position shown on user profile is the slot with the highest ranking. The points taken into account to determine your position on ranking are calculated this way:

    Points from last 180 days will count 100%.
    Points earned on next 520 (from 180 until 700) days will count less on different levels of percentage until they are ultimately counted at 1%.
    All points older than 700 days will count 1% for your total.

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate, manager points system (counting) has changed a couple of years can see from the answer already given how the new system of manager points work nowadays...

    @manager-pr-9 Thanks mate.