Bought a Player but didn´t received

  • Hello!

    Two Days ago i acquired a player through the scout search, the system discount the price from my budget but the player did not come to my team.

    It can be fixed?

    Thanks in advanced.

  • We need some info about it like:

    • In which slot did it happen?
    • is the transfer listed on transfers? If yes, a screenshot would be nice
    • In which platform you bought the player (Web/browser, FB/Browser, iOS (iphone/iPad), Android)
    • Which player are we talking about....

  • Hello!

    It was a Defense player (i don´t remember the name, 18 years old with 80 rating) one of the three options showed in the Scout research.

    When i reviewed again the scout research, it only appeared the other 2 players options, and didn´t see the player in my team.

    I was using an Android device.


  • @Jesusc97 said in Bought a Player but didn´t received:

    Hello mate. ☺

    We will try to fix things for you but please understand that first we need some extra infos & evidents from you .
    I saw from your game profile that right now you have only your Slot 1 playing with a league , with Blooming.
    So we need from you to go to your Transfers page and provide us with any possible data about this purchase of yours. The name of the player, you cannot recall it. Ok. The date of the purchase of the scouted player? The amount you payed for him? Anything. And since you are using your Android app, even better .
    Could you please check out your league's Transfers and screen shot the names of the Defenders you bought on the day that you are talking about?

    We will be waiting for your feedback . Thank you too.😉