• German Users

    I like to create a Crew, but my problem is i cant put an picture from an Facebook Site, so my question is doesn`t work it with Facebook?
    Gives here anywhere who can help me please, in english or in german?

  • @Mike1046 Hello Michael & welcome to the forums.☺

    Personally I don't use the Facebook for my gaming time but I suppose you should be able to play your game in every way in there too. So could you please try these steps for a start and then we will see what happens:

    1. Log out from OSM and FB.
    2. Refresh your browser info by pressing CTRL+F5, and also
    3. Clear all of your recent history , cookies, your cache/temporary Internet Files (manually or using a software like CCleaner)
    4. Re - loggin to your OSM account but please if you use any ad-blocker you must disable it while playing your game.
    5. Try to set your new Crew now.
    6. You can always try to create a new Crew via your browser's version - Chrome or Firefox etc.

    I expect your news and feedback about the above. Thank you Michael. :handshake_tone2:

    P.S. I hope you are not trying to upload a big size of an image there. Are you Mike?
    Remember : The Crew image must be a 100x100 jpg or gif, No bigger than this .😉