Club names in Bosnian League

  • Just a friendly hint, as I'm Bosnian, I've noticed our club names do not include our letters Š Č Ć Ž DŽ Đ . Can this be changed?

    Also, the correct name of team Gabela ( Gabela in OSM ) is GOŠK Gabela. Gabela is host city of the football club GOŠK. You wouldn't write only Madrid for Real Madrid in Spanish league , right?

    Also, correct name for Mladost in Bosnian league would be Mladost Doboj Kakanj, or Mladost DK as we are using in domestic charts, television and internet. There are numerous teams in Bosnia that are using the name Mladost, so it makes confusion if you don't add their host city name

    Correct names of all clubs would be :
    Mladost DK
    Široki Brijeg
    GOŠK Gabela ( or just GOŠK )

  • Its not only bosnian, but Serbian too.
    And game miss all BALKAN letters (Š Č Ć Ž DŽ Đ) but there are é, æ ä ç.... its not FAIR

  • English Moderator

    This version of the game is in ENGLISH...that's why the game use's the English grammar letter's...for all the teams...and that's fair for all...and with no exception....