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  • @Hanif-Stewart said in Just a suggestion:

    Should set the formation can edit the position not only in the formation


    Yeah it looks dope! But can you forward this to the game developers or it's all up to luck untill they see it?

  • @Joe-McNorthMan The creation of this very topic was a request coming from our superiors , as you called them. And the main goal is to gather all suggestions and new ideas in here , so that the right people aka Admins & Devvers can have an easy access and get their feedback from the OSM community.
    Now I'm sure you are aware of the famous law of : Supply & Demand. The more managers request or suggest the same idea/new feature etc, the more chances it will get to attract the attention of the people in charge.
    So I wouldn't put it as a matter of luck to be honest and fair . It's more like a matter of time and doability of each suggestion. 😉

  • @Joe-McNorthMan That suggestion has been forwarded and approved long time ago.
    So the implementation could happen soon.

  • Hi.
    My suggestion is to add a signal (exclamation mark or whatever) when a new message arives (or if there is a unread message) to the ''message box'' for android.
    0_1493818812700_message box.png
    Now this box is always the same, doesn't matter if there is a new messages or not. You need first to open this box and after that there is a signal, but useless. Managers who don't use to communicate with others, or newbies never open this box. Why should they? Even experienced managers who play this game for years and who communicate often with me need 5-6 days to answer me, then what to expect from an average manager...
    For example before 40-50 days I sent over 100 messages to managers from Serbia to inform them about a tournament I want to organize and only 25-30 answered, although the other login in the game every day. You know better than me that more managers use smartphones than PC's while playing OSM.
    I think that's not a big job but it could help a lot...

  • @MenagerBL
    To be useful

  • Hello does anyone know if you will add holiday mode as V2?

  • @Roberto-Ayza Hi mate. ☺ Is this a question or a suggestion now ?


  • @Roberto-Ayza Well although this is not the place for such a question I must inform you that we used to have the Holiday mode and it brought several problems in the past. Since nowadays almost everywhere around the world people have access to free wifi and internet and since a OSM user's account is considered and must be handled on a strictly personal level from all of us , we don't expect this feature to ever return my friend.

  • @MenagerBL I understand your point and I do agree that would be much easier.
    Only this is not something that will be added on the short term.

  • Hi !!! 🙂
    I have a suggestion for the game.


    It's a part of the transfer list in the league that I'm playing in my main slot. I highlighted the teams that are selling players in my league too. These teams have their names in blue letters... It helps a lot to know which players are in the teams of the other managers in my league!

    But it only happens in the web version... When I'm in the phone app, the names of these teams aren't in blue letters or highlighted in any way.

    I think that me and possibly other managers would like if the name of these teams appeared highlighted in the phone app too! It would help a lot!

    This is my suggestion! 😉


  • @manager00092 I couldn't agree more with your suggestion Chico and thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂
    I hope this useful detail to be added soon on the apps too. :fingers_crossed_tone2:

  • Extra Time - Suggestion

    Why in extra time you can't score, you see just substations... this is not fair, is not necessary always to go to the penalties. I played today the final cup match and he got two red cards, why the match should go to the penalties.... this is not fair, always the penalties decided the winners, for what are the extra time....?

  • English Users

    I have a few ideas to improve the game. I miss not being able to request extra funds maybe if you do you are capped at so many transfers or maybe a consequence for getting these extra funds. Also the ability to control ticket prices maybe add extras to the stadium like food stands,change shirt prices, sell to tv companies and also have a fan zone to improve morale. A scouting system is in place but i think you should be able to sign much younger players that can upgrade loads. Get more money for your game being picked for the TV. Actually have interviews after the game to get your opninon across. Maybe board objectives to get income. To expose your brand by maybe getting the team to do events at the expense of trying. Have more situations random events to keep the game fresh. Player of the month awards. Set the stadium to corporate and fans. The fans putting pressure on you. Actually talk to the players. Trade offers.

  • Quoted from manager : @stupidpro

    My suggestion is - "The Squad Value" ranking, which Android App has should be added on Web too.. because it would be easier to keep up with the values of the teams even if you are not on your phone.

  • Quoted post from manager @Ghanaboys

    I think that OSM should have the history of how you did in your former teams .like the league table of what position you were in and all that good stuff. hope this becomes the biggest suggestion and gets taken into action!

  • Quoted post made by @eslavo1314

    If I click myTeam Option, I can see how worth my team is. I would like to see also, how worth my current 11 players are. Could it be interesting to develop?


  • @eslavo1314 , @Naruto-Uzumaki-2014 , @Maob-Kloob

    Hello my mates ! 😄 Old members and new ones .

    Allow me to inform you or remind you that we have created this topic for a purpose.
    For managers from all OSM communities to share their ideas and suggestions in a common room and ideally to bring a discussion about favorite potential future features that could be implemented on OSM platforms from our game developers and designers. 😉

  • Quoted post made by @Cisss-Runiglop - about 4 hours ago

    Why not all logos from clubs, English, Spanish, French, German league !? Also why do not all image players do you want to make this update? If you want when it will be !?