• How many levels are there in the expansion of the stadium (training area, playing field, spectator) and is this investment worthwhile?

  • @Johnny-Grande Hello there Johnny & welcome to the new forums. ☺

    Here you go mate. link text. As you can see from the shot ( taken from my league )
    there are three (3) different Levels when expanding your Stadium's facilities. As you complete each level the amount of rounds needed to get to the next Level increases, but once again -as you can see from my shot -
    the cost is just a few Ks. No boss coins are required , unless you want an instant expanding for each round.
    Yeah, of course I believe it defo worths my money , ( look at the percentages of improvement offered ) and
    that's why I'm expanding my Stadium for every league I choose to play. 😉

    Good luck & have fun Johnny ! :thumbsup_tone2: