Board bug, seems to affect number of manager points

  • I'm playing as Borussia Dortmund, and after the first round I won 4-0, I instantly landed in first place. However as seen in the screenshot, the board believes I'm only in 4th place. Also if you check manager standings, Frankfurt is 2 places down on target and still has more points. Whats up with that?

  • @bornonfriday13

    The board takes awhile to recognise your position, usually till next match day. As for the manager points it is not your position relative to your objective but your results and the nature of your opponent (i.e. are they the system or a player manager and their strength/position relative to yours).

    As you can see from my screenshot Nice are -2 from their objective but probably had better results against top managers.

    0_1530777690599_Screenshot-2018-7-5 Standings - OSM.png

  • English Moderator

    Thanks mate.

    Playing against human managers and top goal teams gives more manager for the Board, this is a known bug we trying to solve and has nothing to do with manager points....

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