• Males or females? Discuss with brutal honesty....

  • English Moderator

    Never opening a topic without telling us first, .... your opinion....

  • @DE-XRIST I'll say my opinion in my own time. Dont need people side tracking my thread with irrelevant comments, unrelated to the question. Thanks.

  • Hello Paul.

    You wrote: brutal honesty. Interesting choice of words mate.
    And you ask of us to do what exactly - to choose between male or female? In other words start accusing men or women on this topic. I honestly have no idea what you were thinking mate. 😞
    Paul you are no newbie around here, on the contrary, you are a well experienced OSM user and forumer.
    You should have known better my friend that any kind of racist or sexist topics are not allowed on these forums and are against the OSM rules.
    I'm sorry Paul but I feel it's time to close this one.