• Good evening lads,

    I was stumbling across the transfers in my league and began to notice a suspicious trend. The **** owner was selling his best players (Salah, Mane and Can etc.) for cheap to the **** manager.

    In return the **** manager received Spurs deadwood e.g. Lamela, Winks, Wanyama for incredibly high prices.

    Its quite obvious what he's doing using the **** account to transfer stars and to increase his funds. Surely something must be done about this as it's completely unfair to me and the rest of the managers in the league.

    Both accounts are located in Lebanon and both get on minutes apart. Hinting at the switching of accounts each transfer. 1000% cheating nailed on the head!

    Hope something gets done to resolve this issue.

    Thanks in advance

  • The account names:

    ............. (.............)
    ............... (.............)

    Also not to mention he logs from an android and it's always minutes apart each login in between the two accounts.

    Surely no more evidence is needed to be provided?

    PS. It's annoying to wait so long to reply, how do I increase my rep? Haha

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate, cheating is not to be discussed on an open forum....please use the cheat report option and report the manager/s that you think they are cheating....