App has storage bug

  • When I just started the game on the app, when I had to fully reloaded, my info was gone. So first I started a new game and club. Then I chose to delete the game and install it again. Hey, I got my old info back! Cool! But then... Next time I had to fully reload my game data, there was info 2 again... So I deleted the game, re-installed it, and I could play my original info. I entered my e-mail address, hoping this might solve my issue... No way.

    Now I'm stuck in the nightmare that every so often, I have to delete and re-install my game, I get all my last matches again (luckily I can skip those and get the same result) and the same bla about the scout and the spy. How to fix this????????????

  • Hello? I am waiting for a response... This bug is still happening. Sometimes I remove and re-download the game 3-4 times in the day. I thought this is the SUPPORT forum?

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