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    GROUP 001 - The conquest of 1,000 medals - We will check that the new members of the group have at least one free slot and we will write continuously in the Chat that you sign up to a group to do the Battles, inviting those who do not intend to do the battles, to resign. We will drive away those who already have all 4 slots involved, or who are missing too many days to get a free slot. Come on Cagliari

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    @grandecagliari 002 - Remove members who do not compete - We will make it clear to the subscribers that you sign up for a group to make battles, then reach the 24 members who have at least one free slot, we will send this letter to everyone: "you all have a Slot free, so sign up for the Battle, and if you have made a commitment to use the free slot otherwise, please politely resign and leave room for other brave ones. " Then we will have to send an ultimatum with a similar letter: "If by the 18/09/18 you will not be enrolled in a battle you will be removed from the group and replaced by braver people". In short, who does not battle, go to another group. Come on Cagliari

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