Are negative votes something constructive for the game?

  • Good night all.

    It's been a long time since that I frecuently the forums, at least without wrote in them, and today I decided to write in a Spanish Forum topic about which manager you would like to interview, a theme created to socialize the game, to get to know each other ... something positive I think, and unfortunately I have seen how people who have been voting have been receiving negative votes ... just by participating in the choice of whom to interview.
    It is just a new example of something very negative that the forum has in my opinion: the negative vote.
    It was already discussed at the time, and I think that leaving the option of negative vote has been a mistake. If you do not agree with a post, respond and argue, if it is offensive, report it ... the negative vote only serves to hurt, for nothing else .... I think that option should be removed in the forum.

    I guess I'm not the only one who thinks, I would like people to write your opinion about it

    Thanks for your attention.

  • No opinions, nobody wants to talk about it? 😕

    Maybe it is a question that does not worry people, although I really believe that these negative votes muddy the atmosphere of the forum and contribute to less participation ... it is not debated, negative votes are given instead of dialogue and discussion, i think that it would give more life to the forums, and generary more worked and extensive post, instead of monosyllables and short phrases, which I think was one of the objectives of Gamebasic.

    I imagine that like many others who have been in the game for years, I am sad to see the decay of the forums, which used to be one of the most attractive things in the game, and something that differentiated it. 😓

  • In my opinion to habe good and atrative foruns you have to have good and atrative moderation

    So da time that staff spend in the game forum don t compensate because they don t earn anything with this work... they do the best they can...
    This type of game (osm) to have a best forum needs more time work.
    We have the forum that all of us build and mot of all players don t go here because they don t need or don t know that here they can be informed by all activities. The game informe that are a inscription to the wcc? That are regional or national tournments? How can players know about that?
    Just a opinion!j:)

  • Hi!
    This question is a simple point of detail. Delete this option will change nothing about the attractivity of the forum. I think there are other priorities. But your intention to socialize the game is welcome. 👍