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    I know to determine if opponent is strongest,equal or weaker i need to see his players.. but sometimes i get confused.

    Can someone help me to determine opponent if strongest etc from squad value/ player average value pls.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello mate,
    you said it yourself....by looking at the squad values....but to be more precise, take a look at the lineup value of the opponents team...for example: if the sum of the skills of the attachers of the opponent team, is better than the sum of the attackers of your team, then he has better team there...etc...this is easy when both teams play the same system, 433, 451...
    When the two team play different system, one is playing 433 and the other 451, then the sum of the lineups value, can determine which team is better.....

  • @stevemicallef0
    Hello to you mate & to every Osm manager that might be reading this topic. 😃

    As you can imagine this game is more complex than it looks and it takes a combination of various standards for a manager to be able to be effective & competitive. 😉

    Evaluation of Opposition's Strength:

    One standard ofc is the ratings (skills) of each player in a squad or his value in money. Naturally a player of higher ratings worths more money than another of lower ratings.
    Second standard is a player's fitness (power/energy) . You know, the colour that you can see following each player after every round. It changes from dark green to light green , orange and finally goes red.
    Third standard , his morale! Also changes round after round. Yes?

    Therefore what you must all do before each round is take a very close look to your opponent's players one by one.
    Realise which of his players are the best at that moment ( ratings/value + fitness + morale )
    and then compare them with your own best players to have an idea of what might happen after that round.
    Line ups ( meaning the first 11 players placed for a match ) do tend to change sometimes from expert managers few minutes before each simulation (aka sim) for a good reason.
    But ofc, to trick their opponent !
    We can even see a smart manager buying a new improved player and placing him on the first line up just before the sim begins.
    That's why the spy is a valuable tool for each manager, as long as there is no secret training (ST) ofc on the table.
    Always observe the whole team of your opponent before each sim to trace any possible changes.
    Now if a training camp (TC) is on the table thats another story, you know most of the times you have to strike back in the same way. Except , if you are confident that your final line up is way too stronger than your opposition's.
    Some managers take their chances there.

    ♦ Finally some usefull tips/advices.

    1. Rotation of your players. Do not exaust your best players round after round. Rotate - rotate - rotate !
    2. Continuous training of your players. Not only the few top players. Work hard and try to bring a ballance on the ratings of your whole squad.
    3. Continuous visits on the TL aka Transferlist or Tranfer Market. Always have as more players as possible offered for sale and constantly look out for any good bargains to buy new ones that will freshen up your squad.
      In other words, work hard on your squad building !
    4. Yellow & red cards. Avoid using players on your first 11 line ups that have more than one yellow card already on their shoulders . It's kinda risky.

    Have fun & ... Best of luck to all of you ! 🤞