• Hi! It would be great if you can choose a female character as a trainer. It’s not a man game only you know 🙂

  • @bibaldo-cox_nl Hello,
    it is this place support forums. I would recommend you to go to the chat forum to chat 🙂

  • @bibaldo-cox_nl
    Hi, whats the point of that having the female trainer?

    I mean i really want to understand everone and tryna see their perspective, but if you ask yourself if you gonna be hapier with female character, or if you gonna be more hapier if you see more females arount the community @Hespera , @SUPERNOVA-8 ... ?

    It is a game that you play behind the sceen, its not first person or third person, that you can see YOUR character. You can only put a frmale character around some function that are completely inessential, and that have noting to do with a run of the game (you).

    its only my perspective and my view of this interesting and debatable proposal.

    i am not sexist, i think it is just a game, and that game should be fixed as it is, to serve it function and not adding not so important features to the game

    Thanks for understanding,


  • @bibaldo-cox_nl Hello mate. 😃
    We do wish for and appreciate any new ideas / suggestions coming from our community but please make sure you post them at the right place.
    Please use this special topic my friends.

  • @manager-pr-9 Since you're asking me mate... The fact that you chose to use on your post two specific female manager/ staff names, does look kinda strange to me. I honestly hope I got the wrong impression here and you're not actually some sort of a M.C.P.

    Now my thoughts on your question:
    As I see it... When numbers talk, bull**** walk. And since it's a fact that the majority of the Osm managers are male , I will simply let the guys decide and express their thoughts on this matter.😉
    Not in here of course , but on our official chatroom - topic for Osm sugestions on new features.

    Thank you!