I will never play OSM again

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    I have been playing osm for years. I brought many friends and families to join this wonderful game but unfortunately I think I will never play game again. The reason is so easy and stupid, I am playing now in a league where I found that there is a guy with 10 ACCOUNTS ‼️ Can you imagine that? Ofcourse I did report him as a cheater for about 3 weeks and guess what? Nothing happens ‼
    since I am at the top of the league he started to crush me with his 18 training camps ‼️ Nothing can describe my feelings right now. I have no choice but to resign the game and I will never think to play again and go through this situation again.
    I know this is not the right section to complain about cheaters but for me it’s my last hope to have “the justice”. Am I asking too much⁉

  • @fathel Hello Fathel & welcome to the World forum! 🙂

    I honestly feel bad to see you so deeply distressed and upset but as you know it very well there is not much we can do about cheating cases on forums. Please try not to lose your spirit and send a new mail asap to the team of EN.support@onlinesoccermanager.com to help you out.

    My best wishes to you! ✌