My 21 yo player trains much slower than another 21 yo

  • Green circled players are the same age. Check the difference between their training... Also a 22yo (red circle) has the same training progress bar like a 26yo...


  • @ochowiak Hi again! 🙂

         Facts about Training Players :

    1⃣ Younger players get better results for each training session

    2⃣ For every training on the same player and
    on the same simulation day, maximum improvement decreases.
    3⃣ We can normally set 3 daily trainings from one round to another.

    But if we choose to speed it up then we get to do more than 3, so it's only natural that results should decrease for each extra training.
    Otherwise we would end up too fast with way too high rating stats on the players which is surely not a normal thing to expect.

    Tip about Training : Rotation of your top players for each position. Avoid repeated sessions for the same player on the same sim(ulation) day! 😉

  • @SUPERNOVA-8 So if I use f.e. Rafael Mir for 3 sessions he will get the worst results in 3rd session? Also, the improvement will reset after those 3 sessions in a round?

  • @ochowiak

    Well if you place Rafael 3 times to be trained but during the same day then his every new session for the same round will get less and less improvement in percentages %.
    Correct . Every day is a new day. Same goes for your league rounds. It's simple, the best thing to do is train different players but once for each one of them and for every round. 😉